Haverford家庭 & 朋友

The College recognizes the central role family members and friends play in their student’s success. We are committed to connecting you with the tools you will need to support your student during their time at Haverford.


Haverford offers a wide variety of newsletters and social media accounts to keep you up to date with what's happening on campus and throughout our broader community. Each can be individually subscribed to or followed, according to your interests and preferences.


一年三次出版, Haverford 是一本面向亚博体育校友、家长和朋友的杂志.

Haverford 杂志

连接 features news, updates, and general information about the 图书馆, and is posted biannually.



College Communications maintains accounts on 推特, Instagram, 脸谱网, and Snapchat. 除了突出新闻和亚博体育, 这些账户通常以学生的照片和观点为特色.


Haverford头条新闻 & 校园活动

亚博体育头条特写学生, 教师, 和校友新闻,并定期发送全年. 校园活动 showcases events that are open to the public and is sent occasionally during the academic year.


  • 植物园电子新闻

    Information, events, and activities from the College Arboretum, sent occasionally.


  • 康托菲茨杰拉德画廊

    Information about upcoming exhibitions showing in the 康托菲茨杰拉德画廊.


  • 全球公民周刊

    News, updates, and general information about the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship sent weekly.


  • Hurford中心

    约翰B. Hurford 60 艺术与人文中心.


  • 想法办公室

    Join our newsletter list to receive periodic updates from the Office of Institutional Diversity, 股本, 和访问.


  • 图书馆亚博体育

    Join the 亚博体育 Libraries email list to receive periodic communications about 亚博体育 in the Libraries. .


  • 音乐系通讯

    Announcements of upcoming College Musical performances and events sent monthly.


  • 意第绪文化节

    Announcements of upcoming 意第绪文化节 performances and events sent approximately monthly.




家庭 members and friends can get involved in the life of Haverford through a variety of volunteer opportunities. Whether you’re interested in assisting current students with developing their career skills, 愿意在家里或工作场所举办活动, or looking to share your enthusiasm with your fellow family members and friends, the Office of 校友 and 家庭 Engagement can help connect you with a volunteer role that is meaningful to you and beneficial to the life of the College.

欲了解更多信息,请发送电子邮件至 hc-families@lbgroupcoaching.com.




家长年度捐赠支持完整的亚博体育体验, 通过丰富学术, 为师生研究创造机会, 为学生提供更多的校园课外活动, 维持学生经济援助.

All annual gifts are used in the current year and benefit your own child as well as their classmates. Making an annual gift a wonderful way to show support for your child's education. 我们欢迎各种大小的礼物. Parents, family members, and friends are encouraged to support Annual 给. 去年, 大约1,000名父母和祖父母每年赠送的礼物总额超过600美元,这直接有利于学生在亚博体育的经历.

To find out more about Annual 给 or to make your gift, please contact annualgiving [at] lbgroupcoaching.com.



The PLC) is a leadership level volunteer committee of family members and friends of both current students and alumni who work closely with the Office of 校友 and 家庭 Engagement and the Office of Annual 给.

会员是学院外展活动的战略伙伴, 订婚, solicitation and stewardship efforts to the parent community and act as a liaison between the two. Membership is by invitation, and members are encouraged to serve a term of at least two years. 当他们的学生从学院毕业时, members may be invited to remain on the Committee or choose to retire from their duties. 家长领导委员会 members are engaged participants in the parent community, 每年参加两次会议, 在家长外展活动中担任义工, 并每年向家长基金捐献一份领导捐献.


  • The 入学 committee reaches out to families of admitted students to welcome them to the Haverford community and answer any questions the families may have about the College.
  • The Communication Committee works with Parent Programs to continually address the communication needs of the parent community. Committee recommendations have resulted in the creation of Transitions, a series of articles focusing on the issues surrounding the transition to college by Haverford students and their families.
  • The 职业和专业咨询中心(CCPA) committee partners with CCPA to explore ways in which parents can support and expand opportunities for students.
  • The Legacy Parents Committee addresses the unique needs and desires of alumni whose children are also Haverford students or alumni.
  • The Parent Appeals Committee advises the College on how to engage and educate the parent community on the vital role of parent support.
  • The Parent Fund Committee plays a vital role at the College by reaching out to the parent community to strengthen the connections between Haverford and the parent community and inviting them to support the College. It's a wonderful way for volunteers to share their commitment and enthusiasm for the College while getting to know other Haverford families.

联系 klauerman [at] lbgroupcoaching.com (克里斯汀Lauerman) 以了解更多有关家长领导委员会的资料.




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